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We move portable buildings.  Whether it is in Des Moines, Ia or Kansas City, Mo we've moved many backyard portable buildings.   Maybe you just found that awesome deal on a used shed that the guy across town (or across the state) is selling, but you have no idea how you're going to get it to your property.  We understand that finding a qualified portable building mover is no small task and we want to help make moving your shed a reality. With 101 different ideas available for restoring that old chicken coop, feed shed, or garden shed, access to experienced and professional moving services for these portable structures is in demand more than ever.  Whatever the case may be, moving portable structures is what we do best, and our job is to make your life easy by providing safe, efficient, and timely moving services for that structure, allowing you get it placed exactly where you need it.  Call, email, or text today to get you're shed moving quote.

The all terrain, mule shed mover at work, positioning this cabin addition.
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