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Portable building moving is what we do best. Whether it is moving your shed across your property, or across the state, at Pro Shed Transport, our job is to make it happen. We love our work and we love making your life easier.  Many people have commented about how hard it has been to find a portable building mover to move their structure.  Our goal is to change that!

From Des Moines, Iowa to Kansas City, Missouri, we've moved every kind of storage shed and portable structure you can imagine.  Moving portable buildings requires experience, skill, and innovation.  We never know what we'll get into, but with the best equipment in the industry, years of experience, and a lot of innovative genius, we'll get your shed moved to the location that best fits your needs.

From the brand new shed you just had delivered, to the moving of  your grandpa's old granary, your satisfaction is our top priority.  We're happy only when you're happy.  Pro Shed Transport is experienced in portable building and shed moving and we value our satisfied customers.

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